The Farm

KOVAI THOTTAM is a 10 Acre Farm Land in THERAMPALAYAM village near Mettupalayam in Coimbatore District, Tamil Nadu, India. The land had been agricultural land for generations but had been not cultivated for almost 25 years till 2004. The Land was barren and developed for agriculture again from 2004. The farm followed Organic practices from the beginning. As the culture of Chemical farming was not there, it had been easier to develop into Organic Farming. The farm is well irrigated and almost the entire area is under Drip Irrigation. The farm is bound by a Vadavalli-Pachanur Pallam in the South and West. The farm has a pond developed inside for storing the rain water. The farm is at the foot hill of a famous Temple “ARULMIGHU KALYANA SUBRAMANIA SWAMI” at KUMARAN KUNRU.

The Location

The farm is located in the State Highway 80, 10 KM from Mettuplayam in the Mettupalayan-Annur Road and is about 40 KM from Coimbatore. It is at the foot of the Small hillock called ‘KUMARAN KUNRU” the abode of Lord “SRI KALYANA SUBRAMANIA SWAMI”

Sri Kalyana Subramania Swami Temple

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The Farmer

The farmer, P R RANGASWAMI, hails from an agricultural family. Graduated in Engineering and Management and has worked for Large Corporate, BHEL and LMW for 20 years. PRR is a software entrepreneur for over 20 years.
He also graduated from TNAU in Farm Technology ( B F Tech) . He is passionate about Organic farming and perseveres to convert the area around his village into Organic farming.
He is making all efforts to organise the Curry Leaf farmers into a “FARM PRODUCERS COMPANY” now.